Bubble Mailers How To Pack And Ship Used Books

It can take a lot of steps to actually sell used books. you have to find them. evaluate them. buy them, store them. organize them. list them and sell them. However. after al that there is one last step. and as far as your customer is concerned. it’s probably the most important of all: sending your books to their new owners. Shipping brings with it a new set of questions: what carrier to use. what speed. what cost. can you get racking. insurance. etc.. etc. etc. AI of those are important. and I may go into them another time. but today I want to talk about how to pack your books. what it is that you actually ship them in. Just as with most other aspects of how you set used books. you have a number of choices when it comes to packing your books. You can go quick and dirty (and cheap!) all the way up to having dedicated machinery for just that purpose. There are a few different factors to consider when selecting the method that’s right for you. including its cost, the image it projects and how well it will actually protect the books. Brown Paper Bags It was good enough to cover your 5th grade history textbook. so shouldn’t it be good enough to cover the books you send across the country? Wet. maybe not. While brown paper bags do have the advantages of being cheap and/or free and readily available, you should think about the fact that it may not create the greatest image of you in the mind of your customer. Even if a paper-wrapped book gets to the customer in pristine condition (which it might not) the cheap wrapping could have a conscious or unconscious effect on how the customer views you, which in turn affects how they rate you. If you are running your own ske. it also can affect whether they will give you repeat business or recommend you to others. Mania Envelopes They cost less than properly padded shipping envelopes. and they look better than cut up grocery bags. but they sti have their drawbacks. For one thing. they aren’t going to do a super job of protecting the book. Aso. just because they are higher on the totem pole than brown paper doesn’t mean they’re going to do a great job of meeting your customers’ expectations. Kraft@ Bubble Mailers Kraft& mailers are made for the job, and if you’re only sending a book or two. they’re one of your best bets. They have a moderate cost. but they will protect the books. and will meet customer expectations. The one major drawback is that. as I’ve discussed before, because they are made of both paper and plastic they cannot be recycled. Paper recyclers consider them contaminated with plastic and vice versa. That’s why there’s … Poly Bubble Mailers Poly bubble mailers are made of 100% recyclable plastics. You can get all the benefits of Kraft@ mailers, often at a lower cost and at the same time know you are helping the environment. Cardboard Boxes Boxes have a higher cost. but when you have many books (a set for instance), or books that are particularly large or heavy, sometimes a bubble mailerjust won’t do. Again. using a cardboard box will protect your books, while at the same time meeting customer expectations. and appearing perfectly professional. There are other options out there too. but these are just some of the most common ways that people pack and ship the books they sell confine. What about you? How do you ship your books?